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Exclusive Services
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Kdlk Solutions, is here to help you complete projects, get items off your to do lists, and help overall productivity through project management and executive support. We want to help you how ever we can so you can focus on the parts of your company that you are passionate about or are the most profitable.  


If the above resonates with you, call me and let's talk about your unique needs and how best we can support you!

Project Management 

With over 25 years of experience in project management, sales, fundraising, development and strategy across various industries including Insurance, Publishing, Non-Profit and Motherhood, I found that the one thing I always loved and was called upon to do was "pitch in" and help others get things done and bring their ideas to fruition. 

I have researched, organized and managed several projects and events for businesses & entrepreneurs ultimately saving them time & money, therefore relieving stress because they knew I would give it my all. 

I am the help when and how you need it without the additional costs associated with hiring additional employees.  Kdlk Solutions is the answer to how you can get items off your To Do list!

Business Consulting

Looking for a unique solution to fit you and your business? 

With our years of experience we are in the business of design solutions tailored to you. 

Give us a call at (617) 784-7131 or email us at to discuss how we can provide solutions to your business today. 

Emerging Adult Program 

The Emerging Adult Program is an executive & life skills program for students in High School looking to enter college or the work force and for college students who desire additional life and professional skills training as they complete their studies & prepare for the next chapter.  Our program includes training in time management, organization, keeping a calendar, managing the stress of balancing multiple activities such as sports & academics and often work.  We do this by helping them learn, create, and strengthen the skills and habits needed for success.  

With an emphasis on creating strong organizational skills and time management we will also build much needed life skills such as building good habits.  In addition, our Emerging Adult we expose them to other skills including, basic accounting, interviewing, networking, professionalism, strategic thinking, health, and wellness.  In addition to many other skills, we believe we contribute to being a well-rounded and productive individual.  

The goal is to create a well-rounded individual with skills and knowledge that are not comprehensively taught in the classroom.  

Upon the completion of the program, we want each individual to be a step ahead of their peers on the path to success as they head into college or career.  

The team at Kdlk Solutions combined has over 50 years of business and educational experience in mentoring, teaching, and the coaching profession. We have collectively worked with clients from all walks of life and professions, including corporate, startups, entrepreneurs, and professional athletes, that combined with our varied life experiences we are uniquely qualified to work with tomorrow’s leaders today.

Guest Speaker/Workshop Leader

Are you planning an event aimed at entrepreneurs or young adults ready to ignite their potential? Do you want to inject real-world training, knowledge and advice into your students or staff? Look no further than the unique guest speaker services offered by Kdlk Solutions, LLC.

As a seasoned executive and life skills mentor, I'm passionate about empowering individuals to nurture their inner leader, navigate challenges with confidence, and build fulfilling careers and lives. With over 30 years of experience, I love helping entrepreneurs, individuals and young adults chart their unique paths, I bring practical strategies, relatable experience, and enthusiasm to every engagement.

Here's how I can make your event successful:

  • Compelling Topics: Choose from a range of impactful themes tailored to your audience, including time management, motivation, goal setting, effective communication, habit building, and thriving in a competitive world.

  • Interactive and Engaging: I believe in engaging your audience with storytelling, thought-provoking questions, live exercises, and tangible activities. 

  • Customizable Approach: Whether you seek a keynote speech, panel discussion, workshop, or breakout session, I work closely with you to understand your event's goals and craft a customized experience that resonates with your attendees.

  • Lasting Impact: My aim is equip your audience with actionable tools and strategies they can implement immediately, propelling them toward their personal and professional aspirations.

Invest in your students and staffs growth by booking a guest speaker engagement with me.


Contact me today at or to discuss how I can make your event a success.

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