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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Take 5 with Kimberly

Preparation! This month's theme and take five is all about PREPARATION!

Imagine walking into a kitchen and seeing a bunch of ingredients on the counter, would you pick them up and put them down randomly and expect a great meal. Of course not! You need to see what you have to work with, come up with a recipe then prepare and plan your meal. The same is true of your workday! You cannot attack a day and expect productivity without a plan.

"Luck is where opportunity meets preparation."

A few minutes at the beginning of the week and/or in the morning can make a difference. Take 5 minutes to look at your calendar and to do list, are there meeting or calls that can be combined, allowing everyone to be more productive? Are there tasks that can be delegated, grouped together, because they require similar attention, focus or skill? Errands that can be done in one trip? Dry cleaning that can be picked up on the way to the soccer field?

Take 5 minutes ⏰ this weekend to look at your upcoming week. You will be surprised the time you can save by just looking ahead.

If you liked this article follow for more! Take 5 with Kimberly will be published twice a month, one post will focus on prompt that applies to a habit or task you can incorporate to be more efficient and productive. You will learn more about my work and ways I can help you. The second post will be more inspirational with stories from my overall life, not just the work I do. In this post you will get to know more about me.

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