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Working with Business Professionals & Individuals to maximize their time by having high level support when and how they need it.   
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Kimberly LaBonte Kay

Founder & Director


Take 5 with Kimberly

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Many are thinking...

The last couple of years really changed the way a lot of us do business.

Projects and tasks have been put on hold or are piling up.


I have more responsibility and less time, I need help prioritizing my days so I can focus on the big picture.    

I could use additional help from time to time but I don't have the need or budget for full time staff.

I have an idea or project but I just don't have the time to research, plan, coordinate and run it.


Kdlk Solutions, is here to help you complete projects, get items off your to do lists, and help overall productivity through project management and executive support. We want to help you how ever we can so you can focus on the parts of your company that you are passionate about or are the most profitable.  


If the above resonates with you, call me and let's talk about your unique needs and how best we can support you!


With over 25 years of experience in project management, sales, fundraising, development and strategy across various industries including Insurance, Publishing, Non-Profit and Motherhood, I found that the one thing I always loved and was called upon to do was "pitch in" and help others get things done and bring their ideas to fruition. 


I have researched, organized and managed several projects and events for businesses & entrepreneurs ultimately saving them time & money, therefore relieving stress because they knew I would give it my all. 


I am the help when and how you need it without the additional costs associated with hiring additional employees.  Kdlk Solutions is the answer to how you can get items off your To Do list! 


Types of Engagement

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Professional & Personal Project Management


Administrative Support


One on One 

Time Management 




Retro Microphone


Providing educational tools for Teams & Event Attendees. Covering strategies on managing time, schedules, productivity, and life; based on the Take 5 with Kimberly Blog Series.

I aim to inspire and motivate individuals & leave them feeling that the time they invested was beneficial and productive.

Topics can be tailored to fit your team or event needs.

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