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Updated: Apr 13, 2023

Take 5 with Kimberly

Purge! Spring cleaning isn't just for your homes and closets. It is a great time to look at your desk, work bag, computer files, email, and photos!

I was prompted to clear my desk the other day, when I realized I was spending more time looking for a folder than it would have taken me to complete the task I needed it for. Somehow, I let things pile up around me again, and it significantly impacted my schedule for the day, as I have set times set aside for my work and other tasks.

This is also a great time to look at your calendar and your task lists. Is there anything that you can just let go of?

Unsubscribe from emails that you don't have the time to read or that just don't fit into your life right now. I spent 3 hours the other day, just deleting and unsubscribing from emails, and my inbox is less overwhelming, and I spend less time just deleting every couple of days.

"Get rid of the mess, you can soak up the MOMENTS."

Lastly if you are anything like me and have a social media presence for your business, I am sure you have your fair share of screenshots and photos for creative content. Purge! Organize them in an album so they are easily accessible when you need them and purge the ones that are duplicates and that just don't feel like your brand anymore. I need to schedule some photo purging time as when I last looked, I had 29,055 photos! That is ridiculous! I can hear a friends voice in my head..."Man you really love to take pictures!" I do and I always have since I was a kid running around with my Kodak Disc camera.

So, take out your calendar and schedule yourself a little bit of time here and there over the next week or two and purge the clutter from your desk, laptop and phone! It will feel great!

Here is a link to a great article about the best ways to organize paperwork.


If you liked this article follow for more! Take 5 with Kimberly will be published twice a month, one post will focus on prompt that applies to a habit or task you can incorporate to be more efficient and productive. You will learn more about my work and ways I can help you. The second post will be more inspirational with stories from my overall life, not just the work I do. In this post you will get to know more about me.

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